IC Parent/Student Portal (Look up grades!)

Student Portal

Students now have access to IC Parent Portal. All they need to do is sign up. To do this please use the following directions:



1) Go to Rowan County School's website

2) Click on Helpful Links

3) Click on IC Parent Portal

4) Username is the Student's ID/ILP number (they should have this 10-digit number, but if they don’t just contact the RCMS front office) and the password is their first name initial and last name initial plus their birth date in a six digit format (ex: Justin Bieber's would be - jb030194)

5) Click sign in

6) The student may be prompted to change their password and it must reach 100% security.



If the student would like the mobile app for a phone or iPad they will need to follow the directions given to them when they sign in. Also, upon the second login they may be prompted to put in 8 likes and 8 dislikes. This is a security check and must be completed. Parents this is a wonderful tool to help your child become responsible for his/her learning.