About Mrs. Mason! :)

A little about me...

Greetings! My name is Amanda Mason (or, as my students call me... Mrs. Mason - original right? :) I am entering into my 9th year of teaching (my 7th year at Rowan County Middle School). Born and raised in Morehead, Kentucky, I grew up in the Rowan County school system and am extremely excited to be teaching at my alma mater. Although I've taught both 7th and 6th graders, 6th grade is my favorite. Watching new 6th graders blossom from an elementary student into a middle school student is fabulous!

My husband, Sam, teaches at Morehead State University and we have two beautiful, funny, mischievous, crazy-wild and sometimes ornery, children. Our son, Landrick, who is 9 years old is in the 4th grade at Tilden Hogge Elementary School, and our daughter Milyn, who turned 7 in April, is in the 2nd grade at THE. As a family we love to camp, spend time traveling, and enjoy making memories together. Personally, I love anything and everything to do with nature!!!! Gardening, cycling, walking/jogging, taking photographs, baking, and quilting/crafting are just a few of my other hobbies.

It is my hope that each and every one of my students will develop a better understanding and appreciation for Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening over the course of the year. I never expect for English to be or become my kiddos' favorite subject, but I do hope by the end of the year that they can look back, reflect, and honestly say that they had fun while learning.