Bully Prevention Videos

Students were split into 4 groups and each group given one of the four types of bullying. They were asked to write a script for a skit that illustrated that type of bullying and showed how to be a solution to the problem. They literally blew me away. They worked together and creative juices were flowing. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!


Verbal Bullying - When Liam and Rayanna were being verbally bullied Ali and Christina didn't just sit by and watch! They stood up for their friends and found a teacher to help. This made Landon and Austin rethink their behavior and they decided in the end that getting in trouble wasn't worth it!

Physical Bullying - When Cameron was being pushed around Gabe stepped in to help. When that made the "bully" turn her attention to him he called for back up! Baleigh soon realized that it wasn't worth it and changed her ways :)

Exclusion Bullying - When the "cool" kids wouldn't let them join in Abram and Sydney decided they didn't need them anyway and created their own group to have fun anyway! Way to know you ARE worth it!

Cyber Bullying - When Maguire and Kameron were texting about what the girls in school were wearing that day and decided to send a mean text about them to another friend, Noah knew exactly what to do and refused to share that text with anyone else. This put a stop to the cyber bullies for sure!


I am so proud of you boys and girls! Way to go!