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Hi Guys,

In this tough environment for learning, we are trying to make it as easy as possible for everyone who can to stay connected online.  In as much, I am posting my google classroom info.

World Civilizations code is: nhljxnk

AP European History code is: anhhnsu

Psychology code is: nfrtmet


this is where I will be posting individual class information and lessons, along with instructions on how to submit online responses for those lessons.












Mr. Walters was one of the toughest men to kill in history.  He had to be drugged, poisoned, shot, thrown downstairs, hit over the head and finally tossed into a frozen river before he.... wait this is Rasputin.

Never mind.

The real Mr. Walters raises llamas on his farm and studies the ancient art of husbandry.  He has written several books on the subject of the raising of llamas including: Llamas-A History, Llamas in History, A History of Llamas, Strange Tales of History that include Llamas, A Boy and His Llama and of course the classic Llamas, Llamas and Llamas.  Did you know that llamas come in many colors and they can levitate...........

Sorry again.  The people that Mr. Walters foolishly hired to do his bio have been fired and with a name like (Llamas, Resumes, Llamas and Biographies) what should one expect.  Now Alpacas, theres an animal for you.  If Walters really raised Alpacas then you would have something.........

Again I'm very sorry about the introduction here.  It seems you can't find anyone trustworthy to do anything for you these days.  So I have finally hired a professional to finish this up.   Ladies and Gentlemen ....... Sammy Morrison, Lifeguard.

"Mr. Walters is a really boring dude.    Thanks, SM out, whatever"


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