Unit 6 El Cuerpo, la Enfermedad y la Salud

Here is the master vocabulary list for health and sickness.  It is not comprehensive even though it is long!  If you want to know more try the websites that are included. Hear is the list of BODY PARTS.

Here is the master list of Illnesses/Conditions and their Descriptions that we worked on in class with the worksheets. You should read the descriptions and know what some of the illnesses or conditions mean in English.

Below is a link to a website for doing some exercises in Spanish.  I'm sure you can find plenty of these on your own but I like this one that was made for employees to stay active and healthy.  Pausas Activas Ecopetrol      Diego A Garzón    


Here are the vocabulary worksheets with the body parts that you will be responsible for knowing on your unit test.

Here is the body part vocabulary on THE HEAD.

Here is the body part vocabulary on the INSIDE of the BODY.

Here is a body part vocabulary on the OUTSIDE PARTS OF THE BODY.