Unit 5 Mi Rutina Diaria

This is your unit vocabulary for Reflexive Verbs.  Here are the vocabulary words you need to study for a quiz.

Here is a vocabulary worksheet for reflexive verbs.  You must do this to retake your test!

Here is vocabulary worksheet for personal grooming nouns.  You will need to know what these words mean!

This is the assignment we did in the library to practice Reflexive and Preterite tense verbs.

Click here to get the 24 hour form to fill out about your daily routine.  You should have done this.

Here is a study guide for your test on reflexive verbs.  You should also study the preterite tense.  There are many study helps for the preterite (past) tense in Spanish. You can also find some preterite tense practice from the youtube tontitofrito guy.  The exercises we did in the computer lab from studyspanish.com would be a good start.  

Here are some helpful hints for practicing Reflexive verbs online.

Here is some more practice with reflexive verbs. If you print the document front to back you can find the answers with explanations on the back of each sentence.