Unit 3 Mi Trabajo

Unit 3 Mi trabajo: My work



Click here to get a copy of the Unit 3 vocabulary. Remember that you helped to create this list!

Here is a vocabulary worksheet about work terms in general. These words will be on your Unit 3 Exam.

Here is a vocabulary worksheet to practice the names of different professions.

Here is the scoreguide for your oral presentation about your future job. Let your teacher read your script before you begin to memorize.

Click here to see the questions that will be on your Unit 3 EXAM. It's a good idea to read these questions ahead of time!

Here is a website about careers in Chile. http://www.mifuturo.cl/

Here is the worksheet to accompany the website and that we visited in class to determine our job profile.   (Mi perfil)

Job Interview Oral Assessment:  Some of you asked me to record the questions.  Here is a link.  I hope it will work for you!

Listen to the questions for the Job Interview.  The last three are the ones that you will ask me!