Unit 2 Mi Casa

Here is the beginning of... Unit 2. Mi casa es su casa.


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I can identify different kinds of houses.

I can use prepositions to tell where people and things are in and around a home.

I can name the furniture in a house and name the rooms where the furniture and decorations are found. Here is the house plan and here are the cards with furniture and decoration to place in the house.

I can use the verbs that we do in our homes in the present tense and in the imperfect tense. If you want more practice with the imperfect past tense you should go to www.studyspanish.com and find the imperfect tense in the Grammar section. Read the material and do the free quiz for more practice.

I can talk about problems that people might have with their homes. Here is a list of the problem situations that we used in class to make our game.

I can answer questions about my house in Spanish.   Here are the questions!

I can have a conversation about buying or renting a home.

Here are some vocabulary worksheets to help you practice vocabulary.

Tipos de casas

Muebles y adornos dormitorios y sala

Muebles y adornos cocina, comedor, etc.

Habitaciones Rooms in a house

Prepositions & pronouns that follow prepositions

Ordinal Numbers and people involved in home upkeep

Problemas de la casa

Unos partes importantes de una casa

Need help with the IMPERFECT PAST TENSE? Click here to find the sites. After you see the "tontitofrito" videos do the two Studyspanish.com free basic quizzes and print your results.

Here is an assignment for writing an ad about a house for sale.  Click here to read the assignment and see the rubric.  

If you need help with writing the numbers for your home ads you can look at this number explanation.