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This class is designed to give students a better understanding of cells and cellular processes.  Students will investigate the chemistry of cells and relate this to the importance of healthy diets in the modern world.  Students will also investigate the role of DNA and its application to heredity and modern science and technology.
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  • Learning Target
    I can explain sex linked patterns of inheritance in terms of some genes being absent from the smaller Y chromosome, and thus males having a different chance of exhibiting certain traits than do females.
  • Learning Target
    I can define and provide an example of the following: genotype, phenotype, dominant allele, recessive allele, codominant alleles, incompletely dominant alleles, homozygous, heterozygous, and carrier.
  • Learning Target
    I can describe the basic processes of mitosis and meiosis.  I can explain the roles of these different types of cell division in living organisms.
  • Learning Target
    I can describe the basic structure and function of DNA, mRNA, tRNA, amino aicds, polypeptides, and proteins (Protein Synthesis).
  • Learning Target
    I can describe the functions of all major cell organelles.
  • Learning Target
    Analyze the similarities and differences among plant versus animal cells, eukaryotic versus prokaryotic cells
  • Learning Target
    I can explain how the cell membrane helps in maintaining homeostasis by controlling the movement of materials in/out of the cell.
  • Learning Target
    I can identify the structure and function of the 4 organic compounds found in all living things.
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