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Biology is a required Biology course for sophomore students.  Students will learn about microscopic organisms, Cellular biology,  Heredity and Biotechnology, classification of life, cellular energies, ecology, and evolution.  The class is designed to encourage students to inquire about topics in Biology and participate in hands-on lab activities that reinforce major ideas in Biology. 

Class Announcements
  • contact info


    remind: Text @mjbiol to the number 81010 to receive text messages and updates about upcoming projects or news

  • Google Classroom Info

    1. Click here to access the Google Classroom: manage teaching and learning Click on join class and enter the class code for your class period. 


    Biology Codes: 

    • 1st period-bz56mg2

    • 2nd period: b4a67hm

    • 4th period: xf5tmlm

    • 7th period: ujhauph




  • Classroom

    Classwork is available on Google Classroom. Please see classwork for daily assignments and due dates. It is wise to create a bookmark for each of these websites to keep you from having to navigate from homepage


    Please call or text Mrs. Jenkins if you have trouble with your account. Remember to use Google chrome when using google tools.  This website will be used for assignments, notes and assessments.  Students are required to join, but parents are welcome and encouraged to join too!

  • Attendance is IMPORTANT
    If you miss school, you Miss OUT!  So please be responsible and see google classroom for your scheduled assignments and due dates.  It is students' responsibility to collect the assignments and communicate with teacher as you need help!
  • Grades

    Assessment Policy has changed. 

    • 60% Cumulative assessments (Exams)
    • 20% Formative Assessments (Notebooks, quizzes, lab, class activities)
    • 20% Final Exam
    • Formative assessments can be “retaken” to improve understanding of content before the exam.
    • Exams are final assessment scores
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