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   Work Phone:  606 784-8956

   Home Phone:  606 784-9751


-- If you need to sign up for one of Mr. Adkins' Google Classrooms, see the following list:

          Period 2, English 2:  eto6qrk

         Period 3, English 1 Honors:  ftkgfsn

          Period 4, English 2 Collaborative:  6ohpiad

          Period 5, English 1 Honors:  et6hbza

          Period 6, English 2:  q2qu6gn

          Period 7, English 1 Honors:   e5fioq4


-- Students should check the streams in their Google Classrooms every day for updates and new information (unless otherwise instructed in the stream).

-- Students can join all Google Meet sessions through Google Classroom.

-- Students can access all assignments through the Classwork tab on their Google Classroom.



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