My Professional Career and Education


I am a Morehead native, a graduate of Rowan County Senior High School and a graduate of Morehead State University.  I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education in 1994.  My first teaching job began in the fall of 1994 as a first grade teacher in St. Louis, Missouri.


 In 2002 I took a five-year leave of absence from the teaching profession to raise my children.  Upon my return to the classroom in 2007, I have completed two graduate programs, one of which is a Reading and Writing Specialist Degree.   I was employed as a teacher with Rowan County in 2007 and I have served as the Title One Reading Specialist at Tilden Hogge Elementary for the past four years. 


Beyond being a regular classroom teacher, I am active in the training of our pre-service teachers who will be entering the workforce as educators.  I serve as a teacher mentor for MSU’s PPN program and a teacher mentor for the Kentucky’s Teacher Internship Program. 

 I am constantly continuing to further my education and understandings of best practices through the readings of professional journals, research literature and attending professional development workshops.   I am a member of the International Reading Association as well as a member of the Kentucky Council of Teachers of Mathematics. 
The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.- BB King