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Mr. Dowdy
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Hey students!  Get to know Mr. Dowdy:

This is my 5th year teaching at Rowan County Senior High School.  I graduated from Rowan County in 1989. 


In my home are my wife, Jennifer, our two kids, Audrey and Jacob, our three cats, Rajah, Tigger, and Periwinkle, and our dog Leia.


I enjoy running, badminton, tennis, camping, astronomy, and skateboarding. I enjoy reading informational texts about astronomy.  I enjoy learning the Italian language.  I enjoy keeping up with what’s going on in NASA.  I can’t wait for the James Webb telescope to be launched!  It’s going to be amazing what it finds out there in our great big universe!  As far as sports, I enjoy keeping up with the Los Angeles Dodgers occasionally.    



I have a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Technology/Robotics.  Teaching is actually my second career.  Before I was a teacher, I was a CNC machine programmer and industrial mechanic for 12 years.  I worked for Osram and IBM/Lexmark International. 


Favorite Movies:

I have so many favorite movies.  Wall-e is one of my favorite movies.  I would love to build a real life Wall-e robot someday.  I love the Star Wars trilogies.  Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan played by Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor are my favorites from Star Wars. I like murder/mysteries, sci-fi, comedy, and romance comedies.  

Favorite TV shows:

Dr. Who, Barney Miller, Star Wars animated series, Columbo, Rockford Files. 


Favorite quotes:

Frederick Douglass, “If there is no struggle there is no progress.”

Professor X (X-Men): "Just because someone stumbles, falls, and loses their way, doesn't mean they are lost forever."

Albert Einstein: "In the midst of difficulty, lies opportunity."

Dr. Suess:  "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

Congressman John Lewis:  "If not us, then who.  If not now, then when."


Favorite Book:

Any book about astronomy or science.


Favorite Place to Go:

Disney World!  


Favorite Food:

hamburgers, spaghetti, and donuts! 


Favorite thing to do:

More than anything I do, I love learning!  I love learning anything new.  From learning a new language, learning about the universe, or learning how to do yoga.  I'll always enjoy learning new things.  It's exciting!

This love for learning is something I hope to instill in all of my students.  There is an endless amount of new FUN things for us to learn and discover in this amazing world and universe we live in.  DON’T EVER STOP LEARNING!  You’ll constantly be amazed at what you can do and discover about yourself.  “The mind is a terrible thing to waste.”


Mr. Dowdy skateboarder




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