7th Grade Social Studies  

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In 7th Grade Social Studies the goal of social studies education is for students to develop thinking and decision-making skills that prepare them for responsible citizenship in a democratic society. Seventh graders continue to work toward this goal by examining how movement and migration impacted the interactions between expanding civilizations through conquest and trade in Afro-Eurasia (Middle East, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Europe) and the Americas from 600-1600. Seventh graders will compare political institutions and their impacts on people in empires. Students will compare how different economic systems choose to allocate the production, distribution and consumption of resources. (We will also be covering Gap material over Greece and Roman Empires due to standards changes.) Students will examine ways in which one culture can both positively and negatively influence another through cultural diffusion, trade relationships, expansion and exploration. Students will evaluate the political, geographic, economic and social impact of the expansion of empires during this period. Grounding students’ understanding of large empires in examples from across the entire globe, students will see how the accomplishments, developments, conflicts, migrations and interactions of the early modern world establish the foundations of modern society.

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