Weekly Fluency Page

Nightly Fluency Read Directions for Parents

Each week students will be sent home with a newsletter on Monday afternoon. Attached to their newsletter you will find a passage that needs to be read each night and brought back on Friday morning. Each night they will read the passage for 1 minute and you are to count the number of words they read and record them on the chart. If your child finishes the passage they are to go back up to the top and re-read until the timer goes off.

            The purpose of this is to increase their fluency. Fluency is the number of words they can read in a given amount of time. This is fun for students because they can grow each night by re-reading the same passage and they are able to see the number of words they read increase.


            Please turn in the sheet where you write down the number of words they read on Friday. They should be placed in the return to school side of their red folder in their binders.