Word Work/Spelling

Students will have spelling words weekly which will be written in their Navigator Guides for that week. Students will work on "Word Work" throughout the week during Reading. I require that students turn in 3 pieces of word work from the following list. However, I RECOMMEND students practice the words at home as well. They will be tested every Friday on these words. If the student does not finish the work in class then it becomes homework. 


**You may get creative and do something not on this list. Please share with me anything that helps your child become succesful. I would love to add it to the list!


Word Work Options


Rainbow Words

Write your words with a different color for each letter. Write the words 3 times each

Pyramid Words










Write the word, underline the word, then write the definition for the word.

Color Coding

Write words with vowels in BLUE and consonants in RED

Alphabetical Order

Write your words in alphabetical order

Write a Sentenece

Write each word in a silly sentence.

Bubble Letters

Write each word in bubble letters.

Follow the swirl

Draw a swirl and write the word on the line until you run out of line.



Tape your paper to the bottom of your desk and write your spelling words while laying on your back.

Play Doh Words

Make your words using Play-Doh

Dry Erase

Write your words using the dry erase boards.

Stamp Your Words

Use the stamp and inkpad to spell your words.

Give a Test

You and a buddy give each other a spelling test. At the end review your spelling and fix any words that were misspelled.

Shaving Cream Words

Take shaving cream and rub some on a table until you can write words in the foam. Write your spelling words in the cream.


**Home Option Only**

Wrong Hand!

Write your spelling words once with the opposite hand you normally write with!!