6th Grade Procedures

Grade 6 Classroom Procedures


Note: Individual teachers may have additional classroom procedures.


1. Lineup outside classroom

Line up single file in designated area without talking (Level 0) 

Must have mask at all times

Do not enter classroom until teacher signals (never enter a classroom if the teacher is not present)

2. Entering the classroom

Enter room without talking (Level 0) & walk to assigned seat

Place your materials for class on desk

Place other belongings under seat

Begin Bell Ringer

3. Sharpening pencil

Sharpen pencil immediately upon entering classroom

One person at pencil sharpener at a time

4.  If you need to exit your seat: Use HAND SIGNALS and wait for permission

☝1 finger:  PENCIL

✌ 2 fingers:  NURSE

👌3 fingers:  RESTROOM


5.  Coming to attention

            🖐GIVE ME 5-----COUNTDOWN----- 5 SECONDS OR LESS

Stop talking (Talking Level 0) Look at the teacher

Listen for instructions & continue working when instructed

6. Asking a question/participating in class discussions

🖐Raise your hand and wait to be called on

Ask your question or give your comment

7. If you finish early or study time

Finish any missing assignments for current class

Study content terms, review/revise previous assignments

8. End of class dismissal

The teacher dismisses the class (not clock/bell)

Push in your chair and gather your materials

Exit when your group is dismissed


Grade 6 Classroom Procedures


9. During school-wide or class announcements 

Talking Level 0

Listen to the announcement; then continue working

10. When visitors are in the classroom

Continue with your work

Be polite to the guest and answer questions if asked

11. If the teacher is out of the classroom

Quietly continue with your work

            Maintain the classroom guideline and procedures 

12. Walking in the hallway during class time

Talking Level 0

Quietly line-up single-file in the classroom

Proceed out the door, in a single-file line, on right side of the hallway

Listen for instructions while walking in the hallway

Stop and wait outside the destination until you have permission to enter

Wear a mask at all times

13. When you are absent

You are responsible for missing work; check Google Classroom

14. If you think you will be sick

Get the trashcan and hold it under your mouth while you walk to the bathroom

15. Responding to drills

Talking Level 0

Go to designated area listen for instructions


16. Talking Levels







17. Remember the 3 Rs

1. Respect

2. Responsibility

3. Responsiveness