Online Resources/NTI Days

Please have your child log into Clever using their Clever ID badge (QR Code) and they can access: 

Symphony Math (math). Students have been working on this program all year in math. They know that they will work on their learning paths. If possible, I would like for students to work on Symphony Math at least 45 minutes per week. Just remember, that this is a student based program, and students need to do the work themselves.

Lexia (reading) Students have been working on this program all year in reading. This is another program that is based on what the student needs. While they may struggle, it is fine to help, but no more than that. Let students complete the work on their own. I would like for students to spend at least 10-15 minutes every day working on Lexia. 

If you have any questions on how to access any of these resources, please let me know. I would be happy to help. 



At-Home Resources For Families

Read Alouds


Virtual Field Trips




Story time from Space

Lunch Doodles w/Mo Willems

Live M-F at 1:00 PM

FarmFoods 360 

11 Farm Tours

Cincinnati Zoo Live M-F at 3:00 PM

Spell Your Name PE

Cotton Ball Launcher

Storyline Online

Great books read aloud by celebrities.

Harptoons Publishing

Live M-F at 2:00 PM

Yellowstone National Park

Kansas City Zoo

Penguin Live Cam


Pringles STEM Challenge

Pete The Cat Club Storytime with author James Dean M-F 12:00pm

Art Teacher Cassie Stephens Live M-F 12:00

One Globe Kids Explore various parts of the world with kids in many countries.

Live Cams at the San Diego Zoo

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Wonderopolis Where will your curiosity take you?

Storytime with Olaf (Josh Gad) on Twitter nightly around 7:00 pm

Nick Bruel

Draw Bad Kitty

Write your own story

Create a comic


360 View with Curiosity Rover

Georgia Aquariums live Cam

The Adventures of Super Stretch App for meditation, health, and wellness

MKE with Kids 14 Science Experiments to do at home


FREE audiobooks streamed for kids!

Art for Kids Hub

Draw Alongs and Art lessons

Boston Children's Museum

Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Cam


Global Cardboard Challenge April 1-15


12 Famous Art Museums via Google Arts & Culture

Switch Zoo Animal learning games and more


NASA Kids Club


The Great Wall of China


Discovery #MINDBLOWN



Fun and Free ways to learn from home:



Khan Academy-


Squiggle Park-



National Geographic- 



Social Studies:

History for Kids-