Important Information

4th Grade Information and Procedures

Parent’s PLEASE READ and initial in all spaces to show that you understand the information and procedures. Then return this to your child’s homeroom teacher. I will send the link to the digital copy through Remind 101.

  1. How to stay informed in our classroom_____

       A.  Math Class Facebook Page

I have a classroom Facebook Page where I post newsletters, updates, pictures, videos and even do Facebook Live Tutoring sessions before big unit tests. To access this you must have a facebook account, add Cornett Corner as a friend (it is not a group, you’ll have to add as a person). I will use other avenues, but this is updated multiple times a day and is the easiest way to stay informed.


     B.  Remind 101

I will also send out Remind 101 information and reminders. You have to download the app and follow the instructions to add {Mrs. Cornett : @nc411} and {Ms. Kelly @76f6h8}


     C. Google Site/Teacher Web Pages

Mrs. Cornett :  I have a google site as well as a Rowan County Schools Webpage These have basic information and will be updated regularly.

Ms. Kelly: Rowan County Schools Webpage:


2. How to reach your teachers ________

  1. Email: or

  2. Remind: Once you have enrolled in remind you will be able to send me text messages through this app. Office hours are set up through the app and I will not respond once office hours are closed.

  3. Phone : 784-1204 Please feel free to call during our planning time which is at 9:05am.

  4. Set up a conference: We can schedule parent conferences during my planning time or after school. I do ask that unless it is an emergent situation all conferences are scheduled.  

  5. Math Classroom Facebook Messenger: I will not add parents of current students to my personal page. Please do not message my personal account - I will not discuss school stuff there. But you can send me messages through Cornett Corner’s messenger and I will reply during office hours.


3. Special Classroom Permission

I give my child __________________permission to  (check all that apply)

  • be Photographed for Cornett Corner facebook page

  • be Videoed for Cornett Corner facebook page

  • be Photographed for The Morehead News for school purposes like student of the week.

  • To use the internet at school for school purposes (Khan academy, Google Classroom, Google Drive, Prodigygame and other learning sites)

  • To use learning apps on ipads (prodigy game, etc.)


Parent Signature ___________________________________________

4. Classroom Behavior Plan and Incentives

    McBrayer Elementary school uses a Clip Chart behavior system. This is related to the PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support) blueprint. This is a highly researched system and has proven very effective for students. _________

    The clip chart has 7 colored sections. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink. Students will begin their day on Green! Students can move up and down the clip chart depending on behavior choices. The color the student is on at the end of the day will be recorded in their navigator guide and they will have positive or negative consequences depending on that color. Students are also given points for their clip color that are accumulated all week._________




Positive Office Referral (If this happens 5 times, students will retire their clip) +4 points


(Great Job)

+3 points


(Good Choices)

+2 points


(Ready to Learn)

This is where we start fresh each day!  +1 point


(Think About It)

WARNING! +0 points


(Teacher Choice)

Students will complete a behavior reflection that will be signed by a parent and returned. (0 point)



In addition to a behavior reflection, students will be “written up”. 4 “write ups” and students will receive an office referral and after school detention (see student handbook excerpt below**) . (0 points)  

(Major infractions will be automatic office referrals)


Points are also given for things like turning in homework, being caught doing something exceptional, etc… These points can be used to purchase rewards from the Class Reward Store on Friday. (Students who do not effectively complete Math Workshop and Literacy Stations for the week, will not be invited to the Reward Store that week.) _________


**After School Detention _______________

After school detention, is an additional deterrent to violations of the Code of Acceptable Behavior and Discipline.  After school detention serves independently as a deterrent to a student’s misbehavior. After school detention will provide the student with a constructive opportunity to serve their own time while receiving a punishment for misbehavior rather than missing out on class time.

The student’s assigned to after school will assemble in designed area. There the student will be met by the instructor.  The students are expected to have with them work to complete while in after school detention. If they are unprepared, assignments will be given that are related to their offense and grade.  After school detention schedule will be determined by the building principal. Transportation will need to be provided by the parents/guardian. Failure to attend will result in further disciplinary action.  


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 Other Class Information

I.  Agendas/Navigator Guides _________

              The navigator guide is our best school-home communication device. I read them every morning and initial that I’ve seen them. I expect parents to read them daily and sign that they have read them. There is a behavior chart in them also that parents need to initial saying they have seen it.


II. Behavior Chart, Behavior reflections and write ups _________

    The students will color the behavior chart daily with the color they ended on. If students end on purple, they will have written a behavior reflection to explain what happened. These need to be signed and returned, but that is the extent of the reflection. If a student is on Pink at the end of the day they will bring home a write up. This needs to be signed and returned the next day. This will be filed in their folder and when the student has 4 they will be given to the principal with an office referral and the principal will assign the student after school detention.**


III. Birthdays ______

    Birthdays will be celebrated on the last Friday of each month. Each parent will be asked to help send in treats during the month of their child’s birthday. The schedule and list of approved “wellness school” treats is coming home. July birthdays will be included in August and June birthdays will be celebrated in May. If the last Friday of the month is missed due to schedule or snow, we will use the following Friday.


IV. Snack ______

    Students are allowed to bring a lite snack for the end of the school day. Please make sure it is small and easy to eat while working in the classroom.


V. Service Learning Project  _________

    We do many service learning projects during the year. The grade level “biggie” stretches from November to December. The 4th graders run a class store to raise money. That money is spent on gifts for residence at Cave Run Manor. We take the students to shop for and deliver those gifts, then we have lunch at Mr. Gattis. I have a couple others planned for our homeroom. We always take time to ring the Salvation Army Bell at WalMart and this year I’m working on partnering with Jambos to donate pajamas to children in need in our community.


VI. Volunteers _______

    The list of class parties was posted at open house. I ask for a party coordinator and volunteers for each party. The coordinator will be given the phone numbers of all the volunteers and that person will organize the party (decorations, food, activities) with the help of the volunteers.


Parent Signature :________________________________________________

 Language Arts and Math


Language Arts:

Literacy Stations

Students will participate in literacy stations each week. They will be expected to complete activities on a checklist by the end of the week. Activities may include vocabulary and spelling, technology, and writing as well as reading and responding to text.______


Language Arts Homework

Students will have vocabulary/spelling tests at the end of each week and will need to study the words at home throughout the week. Students are also asked to read nightly anything of their choosing. There is no certain amount of time that they need to read. I want them to form their own love of reading.________



Math Workshop
    During math this year, students will participate in Math Workshop. This is where students will have independent center rotation work time. In order to ensure that students are held accountable for this work time, students will complete a check sheet each day. Initially, I will check their check sheets often, but as the year goes on they will be more and more responsible for these independently. _____

Math Workshop is worth 25 points each week. At the end of the 9 weeks, I will average their math workshop scores and this will go on the student report card. ________

If students are absent, they will need to make up their work during the week and will be given time to do so. If students are not absent, but choose not to use their time wisely and do not complete a section of their work it will be reflected on their grade that week.________. I will drop their lowest Math Workshop score each 9 weeks. _______

We are working on being responsible. Students will need to learn how to keep up with their materials and how to fill out their check sheet. This will require consequences for irresponsibility.  If they lose their check sheet and it has to be replaced I will take a point off their score.______


The following are Math Workshop rotations. ________

M- Math Journal - Students will complete a math journal prompt each day and will follow the RACE strategy for answering a math word problem. (R- Restate A-Answer C-Compute/Model E-Explain)

A- At your seat- This center will be independent practice of the skill we are currently learning or review of something previously learned.

T- Technology- Students will work on iPads or Google Chromebooks with different learning sites such as Prodigy Game or They will also have access to Google Classroom.

H- Hands on Choice- Students will have multiple math games they can choose from.

S- Small Group- This is their time with ME. Students will be working at their level in areas they need to improve on.

Each center rotation will last between 12-15 minutes. Assignments in these rotations are designed to give students plenty of time to complete them. _______


I have read and fully understand all parts of Math Workshop. I agree to support my child in learning responsibility and to support the teacher while enforcing the rules and procedures of Math Workshop.


                           Parent Signature