The Essentials: What to know for these classes

The Essentials:  What to know about Mrs. Peyton’s Class 

   My schedule for 1st trimester: 

            1st and 3rd periods:  World Civ                         My conference/planning is 2nd 9:30-10:40

            4th period: Kentucky Studies                           My email is

            5th period:  Law & Justice                               

Phone is 784-8956; I will return emails and voice mail as soon as possible.

◊I feel very strongly about helping you become a contributing member of society and of our community.  It’s my job to help you become this, so I will have very high expectations of you.  I also feel strongly about teaching you to make good choices.


My class rules:

            Be respectful: to the teacher, to fellow students, to yourself, to people's property.  (We’ll talk a LOT about respect…)

            Be honest: do not lie, cheat or steal.  If I do not trust you, that doesn’t bode well.  If I suspect you of cheating, I reserve the right to give you a O or have you re-take/re-do the assignment.  

            THINK before you speak:  If it’s not truthful, helpful, inspiring, necessary or kind, then BE SILENT.  We will have fun but never at the expense of anyone else.

Required supplies:

We will be using a notebook (either 3 ring binder in Law & Justice or a composition book in KY Studies and World Civ.)

Paper and pencil/pen will be used every day.  I promise.  Bring them.  If you don’t bring supplies, you may sign the “I forgot my supplies” check out sheet and borrow some.  However, if you do that too many times, it will be obvious that you’re not really ready and prepared for class.

**Wish list!  If you are able, it would be a huge help to have students bring in an extra stash of markers, colored pencils, and Kleenex for student use.  Thank you!

Retake policy:   You must attend a 30 minute study session in my room after school on a day in which I am scheduled to stay OR complete a designated review sheet.  That may NOT be the day that you want to re-take, so plan ahead.  In addition, in order to re-take, you must have your notebook with the notes and work we have done.  This is your “pass to re-take.”  If your notebook does not contain the information from the unit we just completed, you may not re-take it until you have done the work to prepare.

◊Students get 3 leaves per trimester from my class.  For any reason (locker, nurse, bathroom, etc.) Use them wisely.  I will also keep track of your participation each day.  This record will help explain your grades!

How to know what’s going on in class:

To get reminders from Remind 101 about assignments, just text the following codes to 270-261-4046:

            KY Studies:  @kentuckys

            Law & Justice: @lawjust

            World Civ: @mrspeyt

            US History B: @peyton23

            Please check my teacher website for assignments, reminders and class work.

◊There will be no cell phones on display in this classroom, unless we are doing an activity with it.  Not in your lap, under a notebook, or in a place where you will be tempted to look at it.  The only exception is of course if we are using the devices for our class work (and you must be on task, or you will lose the privilege).  You must learn that you can function without tweeting, instagram-ing, or texting for 65 minutes.  I promise, I'm doing this to help you become a better person.  And to actually learn something in class too.

If you choose to break this rule:

The phone goes in the basket on my desk for the remainder of the period.

If you choose to not hand it over to me, without any debate/discussion, I will refer your name to the principal.  This will be classified as defiance and the office will then have your phone instead.  Don't make that choice!