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We will be studying American history in a different, much more interesting way this year.  We’ll be analyzing 5 major themes that have guided our history:
            Our Character and Belief System
            The Immigrant Experience
            The Minority Experience
            Business, Labor & Reform
            War and Peace

Students will be working through a unit at their own pace within a small group.  We will give you all of the assessments and resources to answer the essential question of that unit, you will have a specified amount of time in which to accomplish it, and then you will take an exam on a specified date.  This is a student-initiated approach, facilitated by teachers, and requires diligent work and being on-task each day.  


  • If you missed (or didn't complete) the assignments from last Thursday and Friday, I put the links under the Unit 1 folder.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  • Test on the Civil War and Imperialism on Monday, December 8th.  Please use the powerpoints, do the crash courses, complete all of your learning targets and come prepared!!

  • Your World War I project is due Monday, December 15th.  The links for resources and the rubrics are under Unit 1 War and Peace.


    Happy 2015, kids!  Remember that you should be thinking about/working on an oral history interview with someone who lived through much of the 20th century.  When we get back, I'll show you how to research some things on ancestry.com as well.  I posted the assignment on this page.  Have fun with this and do a GREAT job on it out of respect for your interview subject.

  • End of Year Project!

    Our film project will be due by Friday.  Use this as an opportunity to review to prep for the final exam, also on Friday.  I linked the example that Mr. Hart wrote so that you can see how to make those transitions between time periods.  You can watch the animoto film in class again this week if you need to.  Impress me with this:)

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