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This course will be taught backwards. Yes, backwards. We usually fail to have time to teach our nation’s most recent history and examine current events. So this year, in an effort to cover that material and to also better connect America’s distant past to our recent history, we will be starting our studies in the 2000’s. We will then backtrack through each decade of the 20th century. Some decades will be dominated by one particular point of emphasis, such as World War II in the 1940’s, but other decades will trace the development of larger themes, such as Civil Rights. When we get to the 19th century, and from then on, we will be looking at eras, such as the Gilded Age and Westward Expansion and Colonial Settlement.  We're excited to teach it in this format and think that students will find it very interesting!

  • Use of the Atomic Bomb

    Your assignment, due 4/20:

    In a solid 3 paragraphs explain:
    Why did the U.S. use the atomic bombs?
    And should the U.S. have used them?  
    Use evidence from the readings and the documentary to make your argument.

  • Civil War Exam 1/20

    Study guide/review is under the Civil War folder.

  • Exam #5

    War over Foreign Policy Issues and the War of 1812 on December 3rd.

  • 2nd Period Writing Assignment

    Mr. Hart's & Mrs. Peyton's 2nd periods:  Your writing assignment for the grant is due this week after Thanksgiving.  You will find a document under the "Writing Grant" folder on the right of this page.  Please use it as a resource to help develop your argument!  

  • Exam #4

    Test over the French & Indian War and American Revolution Friday, November 6th.  Please get the "end of trimester" review videos into me as soon as possible!

  • Our first unit test will be on Wednesday, November 6th.

  • Our Unit 2 test on industrialization and the Gilded Age will be on Tuesday.  Remember you must have COMPLETED to PROFICIENCY the checklist of 5 activities/assignments.  My powerpoints are on this site.

  • Zoomin Activity Due

    Please make sure you complete the Emancipation Proclamation activity on the Zoomin site.  I know it's fall break.   Enjoy your days--but do some work too!

  • Exam #2

    Exam over Native American History, unit 2, is on Monday, September 28th.  Look over the powerpoint, using slides 3-16 on your timeline!  And study.

  • We will have our next test on Thursday the 19th before Christmas break.  It will cover World War I along with the 1920's.  Make sure you have your checklist of assignments completed in order to take the test!!

  • Your 1920's Presentation (poster or Prezi) is due on Tuesday, January 14th.  See Unit 5 resources on this page for help!

  • Homework:

    Please finish the "Cherokee Removal" activity on the Zoomin site.  This should be done by 9/14/15.

  • TEST #1

    Unit 1 Exam Tuesday, September 1st over Immigration.

  • The EOC Assessment is coming!  I have posted a study guide with ALL of the learning targets from both trimesters (thanks to Mr. Hart!).  I would STRONGLY encourage you to read through and refresh your memory to prepare for your final.

  • End of Trimester Announcements!

    Announcements for U.S. History students:
    Your essay about the success and legacy of the New Deal is due Friday, January 31st
              You need to cite the sources that we looked at in class. 
              You need to also use “The 1930’s” as a resource for your essay.
              **They are linked on my website under “Unit   6, 1930’s.”**

    If you want to retake WWI, it must be done by this Friday, the 31st.  The retake/study guide is required.
    If you didn’t do the 1920’s project, your grade has seriously suffered.

    You must tell me who you are going to interview for an oral history about life in America by Thursday,   January 30th.  This transcript is due February 13th, when we will then do an in-class writing about it.

    The EOC is February 12th.  It is 20% of your grade.  This will really matter for some of you!   I also linked an EOC study guide on my website. 

    You have 2 weeks to kick it into gear!  Some of you with borderline grades will be helped/broken with these last few assessments.


  • Your take home exam is due MONDAY, OCTOBER 20th.  Do not forget to do ALL of your learning targets and bring everything to class.  The quiz is in the Unit 4 folder in case you have lost it!

  • Required Supplies:

    Since US History is now a year-long course, we will be maintaining a 3-ring notebook throughout all 3 trimesters.  By the first Monday of the school year, please bring a 1.5" binder to class.   It would be ideal to also have dividers.  You MUST bring paper and pen/pencil to class EVERY day!  Keeping up with your work will be essential to doing well in the class and on our End-of-Course Assessment in May.  

  • Your take home exam over African-American history is due on Monday, October 27th.  No exceptions!  Use the powerpoint links under Unit 4, African American History.

  • SNOW DAYS!!  They keep messing with our schedule.  This trimester will now end on Feb. 21st.  Our EOC is on the 19th.  Please, please, please use these snow days to review for the EOC.  Look at the study guide that is posted on this site.  So your oral history interview is now due on the 20th.  Enjoy your time off!

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