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  • We will have a quiz over world religions and democracy on Monday the 11th.  See the powerpoint (Foundations of Democracy) on this page.

  • Test on Friday, Dec. 6th over the Renaissance.  Look at the powerpoint and fill out the study guide!

  • We will have our test on the Reformation on Thursday, the 19th, before Christmas break.

  • Quiz over the English and Counter Reformations on Tuesday, January 14th.

  • Quiz over Judaism, Christianity, and Islam will be Wednesday, the 4th.  The power points are posted on my site.  Please study!!  Watch the links to the videos to summarize our content.  And enjoy the 3 day weekend!

  • After school study sessions this week:  Tues and Thurs (10th and 12th) from 3:20-3:50.  Before school:  Wed (11th) 7:30-8:00.  You must attend one of these in order to retake our world religion assessments this Friday, the 13th.  

  • Test over exploration on Tuesday (or Wednesday, depending on the lovely snow!).  Do your homework over the Columbian Exchange.  See link below.

  • Test over Exploration Feb 12th.  Do a 1 pg study guide!

  • TUESDAY, October 1st:  DBQ Essay due:  Analyze the impact of the printing press on the culture, economy and religion in Europe.

    AND Test over the Reformation.  Powerpoint is posted here.  Study your notes!!


    Do your study guide on Tuesday evening, and we will review together tomorrow.  Look at the power points that are on this site!

  • FINAL EXAM study guide due on Wednesday, the 19th.  Final is on Thursday.  Study!!

  • Quiz on Tuesday the 27th over Buddhism and Hinduism.  Power point slides are posted here.

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