Past Puzzlements: Fall 2020

December 11, 2020


December 4, 2020


November 13, 2020


November 6, 2020


October 30, 2020


October 23, 2020

The Halloween links continue!


October 16, 2020

Friends, we’re in the back half of October, which means it’s time for Halloween links! Here we go…


October 9, 2020


October 2, 2020

  • Let’s kick off Decorative Gourd Season with these capybaras munching on a 100 pound pumpkin! I love it when they finally get inside. Did you know that capybaras are the largest living rodents? They are also my second favorite living animal, after the tapir.
  • The fastest shoelace knot!! I assure you I would have shared this even if the knot were, um, not named after me 😉. I wonder where Professor Shoelace got his doctorate?
  • Check out this metal lattice! Light enough to sit on a dandelion!
  • A “backdraft” happens when a fire has almost burned out, but then oxygen is suddenly re-introduced. It’s super dangerous to firefighters who might open a door or break a window. Here is a backdraft filmed in super slo-mo. I love that the guys were in the middle of a nerdy discussion as it happened. Read more about backdrafts here.
  • Watch as a drone struggles to unscrew a lightbulb and then screw a new one in. You’ll definitely be rooting for this fella’ by the end! It takes a few tries :)


September 25, 2020


September 18, 2020


September 11, 2020


September 4, 2020


August 28, 2020

  • Yes yes yes. This adhesive tape has LEGO-compatible stubs on one side. Imagine the possibilities!
  • Watch these neon, human slinkies dance around! It keeps getting better, and, at the end, you get to see the performers.
  • The world’s largest ship elevator opens at China’s Three Gorges Dam.
  • This photo series uses a thermal camera to visualize the heat in food. That pizza is pretty amazing looking.
  • The Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge is 1,400 ft long, hangs 900 ft up, and is (yes) made of glass. They drove a truck across it to prove it was safe! Hey, this is a 360º video, so you can click and drag to change the angle!


August 21, 2020