"Topics for Teachers" 2020-2021

Here are the links that have been shared in monthly resource emails (most recent links are listed first):


April 2021 A few tips for managing learning in your classroom

Resource #1: CLICK HERE for an article about ways to bolster executive function in middle and high school students.

Resource #2: CLICK HERE for a website about Inquiry in Education, beginning with the 4 levels of inquiry.

Resource #3: CLICK HERE for an article about Curriculum Compacting - a great way to personalize learning.


March 2021: Inspiration and the teaching of gifted students

Resource #1: CLICK HERE for a list of tips for teaching gifted students

Resource #2: CLICK HERE for a list of books to inspire gifted students

Resource #3: CLICK HERE for an article about dystopian fiction as an outlet for teen angst

Resource #4: CLICK HERE for an interesting op-ed piece about smart vs. grit


February 2021: Consultation email spotlighting the website TeachThought

This website, the brainchild of education guru Terry Heick, is: "an idea: social improvement through innovation in education. We do this in part by supporting and growing teachers in the classroom." They have much to explore if you are so inclined, but I have pulled a few timely links for you as a place to start. 

Resource #1: CLICK HERE for Teaching Strategies for Deep Learning in Virtual Environments

Resource #2: CLICK HERE for Strategies to Help Students Ask Great Questions

Resource #3: CLICK HERE for Why Questions Are More Important Than Answers


January 2021: Abbreviated Consultation due to Progress Reports: two articles related to Thinking and Giftedness

Article #1: CLICK HERE

Article #2: CLICK HERE