Frequently Asked Questions

How are students identified as Gifted?

Students may be identified beginning in 4th grade. Students are identified using a combination of data which usually includes at least three of the following: teacher recommendation, parent recommendation, test score data from various sources, student work samples, student portfolio submissions, or other data submitted by teachers, parents or students. 


This data is collected by the gifted coordinator usually starting in March and continuing until August. In August, the district gifted committee meets and works through the identification of students using the collected data. 


Students may be identified at any grade level after 4th grade. This data collection process is ongoing. There is additional information about the pieces of this process in the Gifted Handbook.


My child has been placed in the Primary Talent Pool. What does that mean?

The Primary Talent Pool is a group of primary students (Kindergarten through Third Grade) who are informally selected by the district as having characteristics and behaviors of high potential learners and who have been further diagnosed using a series of informal and formal measures to determine the desirability of differentiated services during the primary program. Primary Talent Pool automatically ends at the end of third grade. 


Students are served at each elementary school through RTI groupings and differentiation within the classroom. The district gifted specialist offers enrichement pull out groups several times each semester as well. 


How does the funding for Gifted work?

The gifted program is partically funded by the state of Kentucky through allocation of funds to the district. The total gifted budget for the state of Kentucky is $6.3 million which must be shared among all public school districts. To view the allocation by district, you may click here.  Since this allocation does not cover the costs of the gifted program, additional funding is supplied by the school district to support our gifted learners. 


What can I do to advocate for Gifted education?

First and foremost, join KAGE (Kentucky Association for Gifted Education). This group advocates for us in Frankfort and the more members we have, the stronger our voice as an organization. This also gives you a quarterly publication with lots of information about opportunities for gifted students as well as articles from gifted experts. Visit their webpage at


You can also pay attention to your child's schedule and ask questions about what kind of advanced classes or enrichment is offered for students who are identified as gifted. Talk to the district gifted teacher/coordinator anytime if you have questions.


Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

Genny Jenkins