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Listed below are the codes for our weekly Nearpod lessons. Go to and enter the code to join a lesson.


PTP Lesson #12 (December 6 - 10)

1st Grade: SYA27

2nd Grade: 7HMI6

3rd Grade: MHK2V


PTP Lesson #11 (November 29 - Dec 3)

1st Grade: J5963

2nd Grade: HCAQN

3rd Grade: SICUF


PTP Lesson #10 (November 15 - 19)

Kindergarten: J26CA

1st Grade: 9XEGT

2nd Grade: IX9BG

3rd Grade: XVLSK


PTP Lesson #9 (November 8 - 12)

Kindergarten: T2CQK

1st Grade: VM56A

2nd Grade: 4AR25

3rd Grade: 6BUAP


PTP Lesson #8 (November 1 - 5)

Kindergarten: EXMLZ

1st Grade: BPZR5

2nd Grade: PDWXH

3rd Grade: 7AHXE


PTP Lesson #7 (October 25 - 29)

Kindergarten: R4FW3

1st Grade: IXQWZ

2nd Grade: A2MGR

3rd Grade: JGEZK


PTP Lesson #6 (October 18 - 22)

Kindergarten: TPH2F

1st Grade: TFXAP

2nd Grade: 4ES9Z

3rd Grade: KL3D7


PTP Lesson #5 (October 11 - 15)

Kindergarten: 93BCG

1st Grade: DYHAJ

2nd Grade: 6EVJT

3rd Grade: L8SXF


PTP Lesson #4 (Sept 27 - Oct 1)

Kindergarten: UWXTQ

1st Grade: 5EVCI

2nd Grade: 7GZN4

3rd Grade: WUEK9


PTP Lesson #3 (Sept 20 - 24)

Kindergarten: QGHYE

1st Grade: 3K2WL

2nd Grade: 6TBMG

3rd Grade: JMX2A


PTP Lesson #2 (Sept 13 - 17)

Kindergarten: D6HWF

1st Grade: S5FPK

2nd Grade: E2NAI

3rd Grade: MYNV8


PTP Lesson #1 (Sept 7 - 10)

Kindergarten: BRLAE

1st Grade: FN8ZD

2nd Grade: LU5M8

3rd Grade: A24MQ


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