This page is for teachers who are looking for resources to better serve their gifted students within their classroom.

Please email Mrs. Jenkins if you have a specific need that is not addressed here. Thank you for all that you do for kids!


*Make a difference by joining the Kentucky Association for Gifted Education (KAGE). This organization is the only one in the state dedicated solely to the advancement of gifted students and their education. By joining, you add your voice to this message - there is strength in numbers. For more information, CLICK HERE to visit their website.


*This Google doc contains links for addressing GROWTH MINDSET within your teaching and your classroom environment. Students must not only believe they can grow, but they must believe in the value of growth. Many gifted students resist this because their experiences have not taught them this lesson - we must change that in order for them to succeed later in life. For more information, read the Carol Dweck article below or visit this animated video link of her Ted Talk on the topic


*COVID-19 Specific Resources for classroom instruction:

K-12 ADVANCED LEARNING LABS - created by North Carolina Dept. of Public Instruction, Duke TIP, and AIG, these menus are each developed around a theme (i.e. Change, Innovation, Community, etc) and each one contains an activity or task related to: ELA, Social Studies, Science, Mindfulness, Logic Puzzle, Field Studies, Research Explorations, and Math. From their website: "Experienced curriculum designers are working to ensure that the Learning Labs are rigorous but also fun and that they encourage students to exercise creativity and critical thinking. While creating these resources, it was crucial to us to avoid creating barriers for students without internet access. To that end, we’ve built into each Learning Lab at least two topics with activities that can be done without technology."


*The following links will take you to a Google doc with resources specific to each content area:


*Please visit the following links if you are looking for help with differentiation and/or critical thinking in your classroom:

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      **The links below are intended to be topic-specific resources to assist you in developing your own philosophy of service to the gifted student: 
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