This page is for parents who are looking for information and resources about gifted kids and their needs. 

Please email Mrs. Jenkins if you have a specific need that is not addressed here.


  • Make a difference by joining the Kentucky Association for Gifted Education (KAGE). This organization is the only one in the state dedicated solely to the advancement of gifted students and their education. By joining, you add your voice to this message - there is strength in numbers. For more information, CLICK HERE to visit their website.




  • An interesting article from Turnaround for Children (an organization that translates neuroscientific research into tools and strategies for schools serving students impacted by adversity, in order to accelerate healthy development and academic achievement) regarding the 3 new R's: Relationships, Routines, and Resilience. CLICK HERE to read the article and view more resources from this organization.


  • Reading Lists:

3rd grade Summer Reading List

4th and 5th grade book list



*Blog Posts:

What in the world should my child be reading...fiction

What in the world should my child be reading...non fiction

Books vs. TV and Movies...an epic battle

The benefits of travel

(Some of the) top ten articles for parents of gifted children

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