October 14-18,2019

2019/2020 Rowan County Middle School Lesson Plan

Week of: October 14-18,2019

Teacher: Rowland

Subject: Social Studies

PLAN:  (a)Goal Objective/(b)Learning Target –   (What do students need to learn)                                                                     

Standard being taught/assessed:

am Learning Targets 

I can :

-describe how the Mongols created and expanded their empire.

-explain how the Mongols changed Chinese government.

-list ways the Mongols expanded trade and foreign contacts.

-describe how the Chinese overthrew the Mongols and started the Ming Dynasty.

-explain why the Ming emperors isolated China.

-identify the Qing Dynasty and explain how they governed.

-use context clues to understand new vocabulary.



Unit 3:  Eastern Europe/Mongols/China

Essential Question(s): How do empires continues to impact people long after their decline?


Supporting Questions:

  1. How did the Mongols create order, establish justice, and meet the needs of their subjects?

  2. What was the impact (i.e., political, geographic, economic, social) of the Mongols as they expanded beyond China?

  3. How do the motives for expansion compare between the Mongol and Byzantine empires


Essential Standard(s):

  • 7.C.CV.1 Describe the methods used by non-democratic governments to create order, establish justice and meet the needs of their subjects between 600-1600.

  • 7.H.CE.2 Evaluate the political, geographic, economic and social impact of the expansion of empires between 600-1600


Pre-Planned Questions: (2-3)

Supporting Questions:

1.How did the Mongols build a vast empire that stretched from Europe to China?

2. What features of CHinese government did the Mongols adopt?

3. How did the Mongols maintain control of China?

4.How did the Mongols promote Chinese contact with the rest of the world?



DO: Instructional activities each day (How will they learn it)






Bell Ringer: 

Predict how the Chinese were affected by Mongol rule.


Plan: I can explain how the Mongols expanded their empire.



Kagan - Touchdown 

The Mongol Empire Intro pg. 233

Students of History - Mongols


NewsEla Article Beta Version


Guided Notes- Students of History


Formative Assessment – 

Graphic Organizer

Cornell Notes Check


Bell Ringer: 

Was Mongol rule good or bad for China?



Plan:- I can explain how the Mongols changed Chinese government.

-list ways the Mongols expanded trade and foreign contacts.


Kagan- HIgh Five

The Mongol Empire 

Kublai Khan

Genghis Khan 

Marco Polo

Crash Course 


Formative Assessment-

Exit Ticket


Bell Ringer:

Should countries isolate themselves from other countries?




I can describe how the Chinese overthrew the Mongols and started the Ming Dynasty.


Kagan- Celebrity Interview

A Return to Chinese Rule

The Forbidden City 

Chinese and European Exploration


Formative Assessment: 

Go Formative

Mastery Connect Practice Questions

Bell Ringer:

How was the Chinese government organized under  the Tang and Song Dynasties?



Plan: I can explain how the Tang and Song dynasties created a powerful imperial state.



Advances under the Tang and Song

The Chinese Legacy pg. 230

Inquiry Lesson -NYEngage


Formative Assessment: Exit Ticket

Notebook checks

Bell Ringer:

Why is it important to be a global citizen?



Plan: I can cite text evidence from current events article.

I can participate in a  Socratic seminar.



NewsEla Article- differentiate with Lexiles

Article of the Week, Current Events, Close Reading Activity/Socratic Seminar

Map Skills- Seterra


Formative Assessment: Close Reading Assignment, Quiz


Assessment:  (How Can We Measure That They’ve Learned It)

Cornell Notes Check 

Exit Slip

Teacher Survey

Go Formative


Mastery Connect Assessments

Interventions:  (What steps are in place if they haven’t learned it)

Based on assessment data - student specific. 

Providing extra time for a student to complete the same test/assignments as his/her peers 

• Reading a test to a student 

• Providing preferential seating

• Providing an evidence-based one-on-one intervention to improve a student’s reading comprehension for 30 minutes twice per week. 

5th Period Reading INterventions with RTI

Specific Skills (non-negotiables) standard and student need specific

Close Reading

Cornell Notes 

Thinking Like a Historian 


Vocabulary Focus/Word Wall

(Critical Vocabulary)

Primary Source

Secondary Source




Close Reading 




Labor specialization


Vegetation zone









Mansa Musa


Askia Muhammad










Differentiated Instruction:  (How do we go deeper if they’ve already learned it)   Be specific.  How are we pushing for growth? Extensions and variations

  • Design lessons based on students’ learning styles.

  • Group students by shared interest, topic, or ability for assignments.

  • Assess students’ learning using formative assessment.

  • Manage the classroom to create a safe and supportive environment.

  • Continually assess and adjust lesson content to meet students’ needs.


Study: (Data driven decisions) What does the data tell you?  What do you need to reteach? ) Share bi-weekly in PLC and do it


1st- 81%

3rd- 88%

6th- 78%


Act: (Continuous improvement/How will we do it differently next week?)  This should be included in your next PDSA/Lesson Plan. What do the students say worked?  What Didn’t work? Share bi-weekly in PLC


RTI reading

Reading strategies to address struggling readers

Lexile Scores in Newsela