General Information BEFORE COVID-19

Updated 8/8/19
General Information .   .   .

When students arrive at school, they need to go directly to breakfast or to the gym.  Students who are brought to school need to be dropped off at the front doors or families can walk them to the front office. Students will enter the building through the office then proceed to breakfast or to the gym.  Drop offs who are eating breakfast need to arrive by 7:40 a.m.

Two teachers are on duty in the gym each morning. After the first couple of days, students will have an assigned place on the bleachers.   

Please make sure you know your child's bus number or how he/she is getting home each day. If there is a change in your child's transportation, it is VERY important that you write a note with the date, bus # and address of where your child is getting off.  All changes MUST be in writing.  We can NO LONGER accept PHONE CALLS for transportation changes.  It is RES policy that students are sent home in the regular way if a note is not provided about changes in transportation. DON'T just tell your child as he/she is leaving that morning. Please make sure the school and I know how your child is getting home each day.  We want to get all of our students home safely.

ALL pick-ups will be through the curbside service.  If you do not have a pick-up number, please stop by the RES office ASAP to get one. 

Students may bring a container, with plain water only, to have at their seat. DO NOT send containers that have a screw top like the typical water bottle. Students tend to spill these often.  A spout type or sports cap water bottle is good.  If the water bottle becomes a problem, student(s) will not be permitted to have it any longer. We DO NOT have snack time in our classroom. 

Students should NOT bring electronic devices to school. However, if your child brings an electronic device, it is his/her responsibility.  Students are not permitted to have devices out. If a device is out, students will be asked to put it away. If it happens a second time, the device will be taken. 

The A/B week schedule is sent home to place on your refrigerator, so your child will know when to wear tennis shoes and when to have his/her library book.  The times that we have our "specials"  are my planning times.  If you need to talk to me, please wait until that time to call.  All other times during the day, I am involved in your child's learning.  Please do not interrupt our learning time, unless it is an emergency.  We have so much to learn in a school year and time is precious.   You can always leave a message, write a note, send a text through remind, email me, (I don't check email until my planning time and/or at the end of the day.) or set up a conference.  Thank you for all of the effort and support that you give to our classroom and to our school.  We couldn't do it without you.

Mrs. Stewart