To try to make the best of virtual learning (and help with the possible return to in-person learning), I have set up a set of rules/expectations (see those pages) along with consequences and rewards for the students in our classroom.  

expectationsSTRUTon line meeting rules

Students earn coins for rewards. At the end of a week or two, students can spend the
money earned on various rewards. I will need family support for some of the rewards to work.




Earn coins

Shop at Stewart's Store
Stewart's Store Items

Fuzzy Friend (a stuffed animal can join our online meeting)
Choose a book to read aloud 

Tell a school appropriate joke to the class

Get a shout out on our Google Classroom announcements and/or
on a text (w/parent permission) to the remind group

Skip an assignment

Skip a chore at home (parents must agree & get to choose the chore)

Have your favorite dinner (parents must agree)

Show and Tell during an online meeting or with flipgrid

. . . and many more



-Time out during online meeting

-Loss of Coins 

-Remove from meeting

-Parent choice