Homework/Binder-In-Person Learning


  • Students are required to read to an adult nightly and complete the fluency pages. There is usually Spelling or Math homework, in addition to the Reading and fluency.
  • Students are encouraged to get their homework out while waiting to be picked up or for their bus to be called.
  • Students usually do not have weekend homework, unless it is make-up work. 
  • All homework/projects are to be turned in on the date it is due (unless other arrangements are made with the teacher).  Students who do not have homework completed will sit out recess to complete it and take the remainder home for the night.  It is the student's responsibility to get homework completed and returned.
  • Checked work and school notes will be placed in student mailboxes.   It is the student's responsibility to check his/her mailbox.
  • Students who are absent have 2 days from the date of the absence to complete missed work. Missed work will be placed in student's mailbox.
  • Any classwork, homework, or test that a student would like to improve upon, may be redone/retaken. 
  • Please sign your child's assignment book, only if he/she did the work or you have written me a note about work not completed. 
  • Please make sure your child does his/her OWN work.  It is not benefiting his/her education if someone else does it for him/her.


Homework Folder

Each student will be given a homework folder to place homework,  important papers, and graded work in for parents to review each night.  One side will be labeled Homework and Important Papers and the other side will be labeled Checked Work.  All homework and important papers are to be taken home and returned to school on that side of the folder.  Any work that is returned to the student (work that can be kept at home) goes on the checked work side. Parents/students need to clean this side out periodically. Students get ONE homework folder per year. 

Assignment Book

Students will receive an assignment book to write down nightly assignments.  We go over those together and students are provided time to write the assignments onto their assignment book. An adult will need to sign and date the assignment book each night to ensure students have completed their homework. Please do not sign it if your child has not completed his/her work.  If you do sign, please write me note about what work was not completed.  It will be checked each morning throughout the year for an adult's signature. If it is signed, the student will receive a sticker/stamp.  It is great for home-school communication during the year. Students get ONE assignment book per year. 


"Together We Can"
It takes us both to educate your child.