Classroom Rules/Behavior System for IN-PERSON Learning

                           S.T.R.U.T ~ Peacocks ~ STRUT

                                               S~Stay Focused
                                               T~Try my BEST
                                                R~Respect Others
                                                U~Use my time wisely

 Our Classroom Rules

  - I will respect others by keeping my hands, feet, and all objects to myself.
 - I will STRUT by raising my hand and waiting my turn to speak.
-  I will respect others and show teamwork by treating others with care and respect.
-  I will STRUT by paying attention, listening, and participating.
-  I will STRUT by following directions.

Please review these with your child and discuss the importance of following the rules
for his/her own safety and learning.

All students are expected to follow the rules of the school and our classroom. 
It is for the students’ safety and learning that these rules are in place. 
support of these rules is greatly appreciated.


Our school is a PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) school.  We have school wide positive expectations and behaviors that are taught to every student. We focus on the positive & appropriate behaviors of our students.
S.T.R.U.T and earning peacocks for class celebrations are part of our PBIS plan. 

Visit to learn more. 

Praise (daily)
shop Stewart's Store

earn Peacocks for class celebration
Various other positive perks (throughout the year)


Stewart's Store

Students have the opportunity to earn play money
throughout the day for exhibiting expectations.
After a week or two, students can spend the money
earned at Stewart's Store.  

Action Friend: bring a hard surface action figure/animal to sit on desk

Stinky Feet: go without shoes in classroom only

Desk Cleaner: Teacher cleans student desk

Cup o' Ice: get a cup of ice from cafeteria (BEST ice ever!)

Hat Head: Wear hat in classroom only

PENmenship: write with a pen for the day


Rolly Chair: Sit in the teacher's rolly chair for the day. . . 

And many more. 



Time out in classroom

   Miss recess for reteaching of rule(s) broken

Loss of a privilege
Bounce to another room
Note or call home 
Discipline referral slip completed  
See principal or administrator


At school or at home, and all the day through,
it is good to remember