In Person Learning Stewart's Summary (Events, Homework, Learning)

Stewart's Summary

Updated on May 15, 2022

Announcements/Upcoming Events

May 18, 2022: K-2 Field Day

May 20, 2022: Kona Ice for students

May 24, 2022: 5th Grade Graduation

May 25, 2022: Last day; dismiss at 1:00 p.m. 


Contact me through our REMIND acct. OR
email me:

Please sign up for Stewart's Class REMIND
(look to left under Class Brochure--remind)
for texts about events and projects in our classroom. 


Please write your child's name on ALL clothing, shoes, backpacks, etc.
 (anything that comes to school).


Please make sure your child does NOT bring toys or electronic devices to school,
unless a note/text is sent home by the teacher.
At times, students earn the privilege for various reasons, but I WILL send a note/text.


If any electronic device or toy is brought to school,
it is the responsibility of the student.


If the items are out without permission, a warning will be given,
then the item will be taken.





~practice Sight Words in the Sight Words section of the RES Binder

~learn to spell the sight words you already know by sight 
in the Sight Words section of the RES Binder

~check out the Reading Websites
under the Reading classroom
OR Websites/Links.

If you have internet access, please get on lexia 
(username and password required-use your Clever login)

for Reading practice.

If you have internet access, please get on Symphony Math 
(username and password required-use your Clever login)

for Math practice.

~Check out the Math Websites under the Math classroom OR Websites/Links.

~Check out the Websites under each subject in Classrooms OR Websites/Links.


What am I learning?  

Students are learning to compare and contrast two texts on the same topic. 

Students are reading texts from Ready Common Core book, 
Scott Foresman Reading book, and from other teacher resources.

NOTE: We will be skipping around in the Reading textbooks, when we use them.  The textbooks have the same cover, however, one of them has 2.1 on the bottom right hand corner, while the other has 2.2 in the same place. We will be skipping around using BOTH books.  Your child is told which book to bring home, s/he has to listen and do that.  




What am I learning? 

Students are learning to recognize, read, and write words with final syllable -ture, -tion




What am I learning? 

Students continue to work on language standards--capitalization, punctuation, parts of speech, compound sentences. 


Students are learning to write an opinion piece of writing. They are writing a letter to Mr. Hood to make him aware of what our school needs to replace, get rid of, or have more of. 

What am I learning? 

Students are learning to determine odd/even numbers.  They are also learning how to read and create an array. This is the beginning step to multiplication. 


Students are learning about various habitats and the biodiversity of each habitat. 

Social Studies

Students are learning about George Washington Carver, a botanist.