In Person Learning Stewart's Summary (Events, Homework, Learning)

Stewart's Summary

Updated on December 12, 2021

Announcements/Upcoming Events

Monday, 12-13: Wear your favorite Holiday Accessories
K-2 Sing Around the Christmas Tree & MAP celebration

Tuesday, 12-14: Deck out with your favorite holiday socks


Wednesday, 12-15: Wear a Holiday hat or headband
Send in your "somethings" to stuff our stockings

Thursday, 12-16: Wear your UGLIEST festive sweater


Friday, 12-17: Wear your favorite PJs
Class Christmas Party
Last day til January 3rd!


Contact me through our REMIND acct. OR
email me:

Please sign up for Stewart's Class REMIND
(look to left under Class Brochure--remind)
for texts about events and projects in our classroom. 


Please write your child's name on ALL clothing, shoes, backpacks, etc.
 (anything that comes to school).


Please make sure your child does NOT bring toys or electronic devices to school,
unless a note is sent home by the teacher.
At times, students earn the privilege for various reasons, but I WILL send a note.

If any electronic device or toy is brought to school,
it is the responsibility of the student.

If the items are out without permission, a warning will be given,
then the item will be taken.





~practice Sight Words in the Sight Words section of the RES Binder

~learn to spell the sight words you already know by sight 
in the Sight Words section of the RES Binder

~check out the Reading Websites
under the Reading classroom
OR Websites/Links.

If you have internet access, please get on lexia 
(username and password required-use your Clever login)

for Reading practice.

If you have internet access, please get on Symphony Math 
(username and password required-use your Clever login)

for Math practice.

~Check out the Math Websites under the Math classroom OR Websites/Links.

~Check out the Websites under each subject in Classrooms OR Websites/Links.


What am I learning?  

Students are learning to describe how reasons support specific claims the author makes in an informational (non-fiction) text. 

details: important pieces of information from the text
claim: an important idea about a topic
reason: the explanation or justification for the claim


Students are reading a texts from Ready Common Core, Scott Foresman Reading book, and from other teacher resources.

key details: important pieces of information from the text
informational (nonfiction): texts that have real information
fiction: texts that are made up by the author
illustrations: the pictures 
text: the words
characters: who the story is about
setting: when the story happens AND where the story happens
plot: the events of the story; beginning; middle; end

challenges: problems the characters face

NOTE: We will be skipping around in the Reading textbooks, when we use them.  The textbooks have the same cover, however, one of them has 2.1 on the bottom right hand corner, while the other has 2.2 in the same place. We will be skipping around using BOTH books.  Your child is told which book to bring home, s/he has to listen and do that.  




What am I learning? 

Students are learning to recognize, read, and write words with consonant+le syllable pattern. 

-appear only as the last syllable in a multisyllabic word
-always have three letters--a consonant followed by l & e
-pronounced by blending the consonant and the l- the e is silent


Spelling Words-consonant +_le
Week of December 13, 2021


Sight Words-do not usually follow a pattern



What am I learning? 

Students continue to work on language standards.  They are learning about capitalizing the word I in a sentence, capitalizing holidays, product names, and geographical locations.  

Students will also learn to use commas in a series, in dates, and in addresses. 


Students are continuing to type, edit, revise their personal narrative writing pieces. 

What am I learning? 

Students are completing a unit on measurement. They learned how to measure using standard units of measurement--centimeters, meters, inches, feet. Students also solved one and two step story problems with measurement data.  They generated measurement data and used it to create and interpret line plots.



Social Studies

What am I learning? 
Students will be learning about Christmas traditions in North America--Mexico, Canada, and US.