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These websites were taken from other teachers' web pages, the American Library Association’s list of Great Websites for Kids, and websites that RES has a license to use. 
It is your responsibility, as the parent, to check out these websites BEFORE your child uses them.

These can also be accessed under Classrooms with each subject area. 

Lexia Reading Core 5(Lexia)
MUST have a username/password 

Use your Clever account to access this website.  (Read Works)  (Starfall)  (Story Line Online)  (Into the Book)

Read Alouds (Story Time from Space) (audible an amazon company) free while schools are out for Covid-19


Math (Symphony Math) (Fun Brain) (Bedtime Math) (Math Is Fun) (Hooda Math) (Math Game Time) (Prodigy-contact me for login info)


Spelling (Learning Games for Kids)-This site has games for all areas. (AAA Spell)


Writing  (Typing Club) (Learning Games for Kids)-This site has games for all areas. 


Science/Social Studies (Ben's Guide to the Government) (History for Kids) (National Geographic for Kids) (Mystery Science) (Mystery Doug free sign up) (Farm Food 360) (San Diego Zoo live cams) (Animal Conservation & the San Diego Zoo article with links about the history of the zoo, the job of a zoologist, and animals in the zoo) Thank you Allison for sharing! (Georgia Aquarium live cam) (Switch Zoo) (Nasa Kids Club) (Discovery Mind Blown) 
(Cotton Ball Launcher activity) (14 Science Experiments for Kids)


MORE (Khan Academy-- has most subject areas)  (abcya) (PBS Kids) (Learning Games for Kids)-This site has games for all areas. (Art for Kids Hub) (Boston Children's Museum) (Go Noodle--Get up and MOVE) (Cosmic Kids Yoga-used in gym class) (Wonderopolis where Wonders of the day are explained)


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