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  • Fall Break



    Fall Break is Oct. 4th through Oct. 8th.  


    Hope everyone has a safe and healthy break!


  • Virtual Students

    Virtual students

    Google classroom is set up and running.   You all have been doing an amazing job!   

    Don't forget each morning to check stream for announcements. Complete daily check in activity for morning attendance.  

    Large groups will be at 12:30 and 1:40.  You will be joining the in classroom students for these activities.  

    Please join me for your individual group time as scheduled. 

    I'm attaching a schedule to help make your day more successful. 


    8:00-10:00 a.m.



    Students complete daily check in activity


    Watch social Skills Videos


    9:40-10:00 1st Individual google meeting live with Mrs. Donna




    Work on online Math and Reading Lesson


    Boom Card / google slides activities





    Watch daily living videos/ complete daily living chores




    Join Google Meeting live 

    Science activities




    Watch social Emotional video and activities




    Join google meet live Social Skills Activities










    Boom Card / google slides activities

    2:10-3:00 2nd student individual google meet

    Complete daily activities

  • Classroom Supplies

    Supplies Needed for Classroom 

    Items we could use in the classroom: 

    pre-wrap snack items (fruit snacks, chips, fruit roll ups, etc.)

           Whatever your child likes

    Hug juices 

    Lysol wipes  


  • Google Classroom Google Classroom


    I have our google classroom Mrs. Donna's Class 2021-2022 up and running.   All the kids have been added and through their clever badges , you can join the classroom.  

    In the classroom, I have social skills videos, daily living videos, social emotional support videos, choice boards for you to use at any time.   Classroom work will be posted when needed for NTI days. 

      If we have NTI days or if you have to quarantine, this is where you will find your child's work.  Also, we do to live meetings each day at 12:30 (Science) and 1:40 Social Skills.    You can join these times along with my virtual students.   To join just click on the video link at the scheduled time. 

    Also, your child has their quarantine or NTI emergency folders in their backpacks.   This will need to be part of their daily routine if we have NTI day or if your child is quarantined.  Your child's clever badge is located in this folder.   If your child has speech, OT, or PT they will have folders from these teachers too. 

     I'm attaching a picture of the classroom link. 



  • Websites Free Websites Free

    Storyonline.com  - wonderful stories read by famous people. We use this website for reading instruction at school.  

    ABCmouse.com-- Code is SCHOOL7771  - Free do to the need for online instruction currently  Great resource!

    Starfall.com -- Link through Clever 

    Readingbear.org   Great website for reading and communication

    IXL- Link through clever

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