Lesson Plans: Nov. 15-19

Art Lesson Plans  Week of Nov. 15-Nov. 19  Trina Keeton     K-5

Monday=Tuesday: Clearfield

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: Rodburn



Goal/Learning Target/Intention:  I am learning to make a turkey using the element of shape/ overlapping shapes.  


Standards Being Taught/Assessed:







Instructional Activities Each Day

Go over the learning targets or learning intentions.  Read the book, How To Catch a Turkey.  Then model for students how to create their own turkey using construction paper. They will glue down a brown body, googly eyes, beak and feet. Then they will take construction paper strips in different colors and bend them so they can tuck them behind the body of the turkey.  The strips will give a 3D effect.  The body will overlap the strips (feathers).

Materials: book, How To Catch A Turkey, construction paper, brown turkey pattern, googly eyes, glue sticks, scissors


1st-5th Grade:

Goal/ Learning Target:  I am learning to sketch items that show where I am from for the Morehead Rotary Club mural contest.  I am learning to use the elements of art in my sketch.  

Line, shape,color, form, texture, space, and value.


Standards Being Taught:

VA:Cr1.2.K VA:Cr1.2.1 VA:Cr1.2.2

VA:Cr1.2.3 VA:Cr2.3.K VA;Cr2.3.1 VA:Cr2.3.2 VA:Cr2.3.3

VA:Pr5.1.1 VA:Pr5.1.2 VA:Pr5.1.3

VA:Pr7.1.1   VA:Pr7.1.2  VA:Pr7.1.3

VA:Re7.2.1  VA:Re7.2.2  VA:Re7.2.3

VA:Cn10.1.,, VA:cn10.1.2,  VA:Cn10.1.3

VA;Cn11.1.1  VA:Cn11.1.2     VA:Cn11.1.3

VA:Pr5.1.2   VA:Pr5.1.3

VA:CR3.1.4   BA:Cr3.1.5

VA:Re9.1.4   VA:Re9.1.5

VA:Cn10.1.4   VA:Cn10.1.5


Instructional Activities Each Day:

Introduce the lesson by going over the rules for the Morehead Rotary Club Call for art.  Use the Google Slide that contains all rules and expectations.  Students will listen to the poem, Where I’m From by George Ella Lyon.  Brainstorm and have students think about items that remind them of home and where they are from.  Have students sketch out ideas and items that they would like to include in their drawings.  Next week, we will begin using the special square shaped paper to begin officially working on their drawings to represent where they are from.  

Materials: Google Slide: Where I’m From with The Morehead Rotary Club rules and expectations.  Drawing paper, pencils