Lesson Plans Oct 11-Oct. 15

Week of Oct. 11-Oct. 15 2021 : Trina Keeton   Grade Level:K=5

Monday and Tuesday: Clearfield Elementary

Wed, Thurs. And Fri: Rodburn Elementary


Kindergarten: Goal/Objective being taught: Students will be able to make a Spookley the Square Pumpkin collage using the element of texture.


Standards Being Taught: VA:Cr1.1.K Engage in exploration and imaginative play with materials.  

VA:Cr2.1.K Through experimentation, build skills in various media and approaches to artmaking.

VA:Cr2.3.K   Create art that represents natural and constructed environments. 


Instructional Activities Each Day:

Introduce students to the element of texture by watching video on slide about texture.  Discuss different types of texture in their environment.  Then read the story, Spookley the Square Pumpkin.  Talk about how he helped save the other pumpkins because he was different. He helped keep the round pumpkins from rolling out of the fence.  Then model for students how to create a square pumpkin using black, green, and orange construction paper. They will use an actual leaf with texture to glue to their pumpkin.  When students are finished, have them share. 

Materials: black construction paper, orange pieces, green pieces, black and white pieces for eyes, leaves, glue sticks, Elmer’s glue


First and Second Grade:  Goal/Objective:  Students will be able to create a Leaf Man collage using leaves, Elmer’s Glue, googly eyes and construction paper.  They will be able to name different textures such as; rough, smooth, bumpy, fluffy and hard.  


Standards Being Taught: VA:Cr1.1.1 Engage collaboratively in exploration and imaginative play with materials. 

VA:Cr1.1.2: Brainstorm collaboratively multiple approaches to an art or design problem.  VA:Cr2.1.1Explore uses of materials and tools to create works of art or design.  

VA:Cr2.1.2 Experiment with various materials and tools to explore personal interests in a work of art or design. VA:Cr2.2.1 Demonstrate safe and proper procedures for using materials, tools and equipment whistle making art. 

VA:Cr2.2.2 Demonstrate safe procedures for using and cleaning art tools, equipment and studio spaces.


Instructional Activities Each Day:

Introduce the element of texture by showing the slide about texture.  Have students watch the texture video.  Then discuss different textures in their environment.  They will name objects that have smooth, rough, bumpy, fluffy and hard textures.  Then read the story, Leaf Man.  After reading the story, model how to make a leaf man using different leaves.  Talk about the texture of the leaves.  They will use Elmer;s Glue to glue on the leaves and googly eyes.  Model the correct procedure for using Elmer’s Glue.  

Materials: construction paper for background, different types of leaves, googly eyes, Elmer’s Glue, tape and crayons

Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade: 

Goal/Objective: I am learning to create texture rubbings and elaborate on an imaginative idea.

I am learning to name different textures such as rough, bumpy, smooth, and fuzzy. 


Standards Being Taught:

VA:Cr1.1.3 Elaborate on an imaginative idea.

VA:Cr2.1.3 Create personally satisfying artwork using a variety of artistic processes and ideas.VA:Cr2.2.3 Demonstrate an understanding of the safe and proficient use of materials, tools and equipment for a variety of artistic processes. 

VA:Cr1.1.4 Brainstorm multiple approaches to create art or design problem. 

VA:Cr1.2.5 Identify and demonstrate diverse methods of artistic investigation to choose an approach for beginning a work of art. 

VA:Cr2.2.4 Utilize and care for materials, tools and equipment in a manner that prevents danger to oneself and others.

VA:Cr2.2.5 Demonstrate quality craftsmanship through care for and use of materials, tools and equipment. 

VA:Cr3.1.4 Revise artwork in progress on the basis of insights gained through peer discussion. 

VA:Cr3.1.5 Create artist statements using art vocabulary to describe personal choices in art=making.


Instructional Activities Each Day:

Introduce the element of texture by brainstorming with students things that have rough, bumpy, smooth,fuzzy textures.  Then have them watch the texture video on slides. After watching the video, model how to use texture rubbing plates to make different textures.  Students will draw a pumpkin with different sections using a pencil and sharpie.  They will place different types of texture rubbing plates under each section of the pumpkin to create different textures.  Then they will create textures for the grass and sky using the texture rubbing plates, placed under their paper.  

Materials: white drawing paper, pencils, sharpies, crayons, texture rubbing plates