About Me

Welcome to my Teacher Webpage!

Hopefully, you can use this website to get a little more information about me and what I do for the Rowan County Schools.  I am in my 11th year at Clearfield Elementary.  I have been employed with the Rowan County Board of Education since 1999 as a Speech/Language Pathologist (SLP).  Before coming to Rowan County, I worked in Morgan County with the school system and ARH hospital. 

First of all, I love my job.  I am so proud to be working with such a great group of people, not only at Clearfield, but across all of our schools in Rowan County.  With my job, I am what is known as a "Resource Teacher".  Resource teachers typically don't have a traditional classroom with students all day.  Instead, resource teachers usually have an expertise in certain areas and work with students who may be a little behind or need extra help in that area.  As an SLP, my role in the schools is to work with students who have needs in the area of communication, or speech and language.  Most of time, the majority of students who have speech/language delays are found in the elementary grades.  But, some students will continue to have needs in middle school and even high school.  So, one of the great things about my job is the diversity of students with whom I work.  It is not uncommon for me to work with a Kindergartener, a middle school student, and a Senior in High School, all on the same day!  This type of variety constantly makes my job interesting, fascinating and certainly rewarding.

It goes without saying, that I think education is vital to a person's success in life.   I'm thankful for the opportunities that I had to further my education. 

Bachelor's of Science in Communication Disorders - Eastern Kentucky Universtiy 1991
Master's of Arts in Communication Disorders - Eastern Kentucky  University 1992
Rank 1 Teacher Certification in Special Education - University of Kentucky 1999

Plus, I'm constantly learning and discovering new ideas and approaches the fields education and communication disorders and how they overlap.

My wife, Taretha and I have a son, Kyler, who is a freshman at Rowan County Senior High School.  During warm weather, Kyler and I like to spend a lot of time playing golf.  Kyler plays on the varsity Golf Team at RCSHS and Taretha and I help coordinate the Booster Club to support the golf team.  In fact, I have a page on this website that is designated for the Booster Club for the Rowan County Viking Golf Team.

I hope you find this webpage useful and informative.  Please feel free to contact me anytime at the phone number and/or email listed above.