Classroom News 1-20-12

**Congratulations to our STAR Student of the week: Adam Deaton**
Next Week’s Story - Quilt Story
Comprehension Skill- Compare and Contrast
Strategy-Story Structure and Word Structure
Class Quilt- We will be creating a class quilt; your children are very excited about this activity! J
Spelling List attached
There will be no spelling this week due to a short week. We will review our prefix and suffix words through poetry.
 Due to the short week, we did not do spelling test this week, students will have the same least of phonics skills that I sent home last we. We completed all Language Arts assessments for Unit 3. J
 Attached is an activity sheet that students may choose for their spelling homework Monday - Thursday.
We will be looking at magnets and focusing on push and pull.
**100th Day of School: Wednesday January 25th!! **
We are quickly approaching our 100th day of school. We will spend the 100th day at school working on educational activities that focus on the number 100. If you and your child would like to create a 100th day project or presentation, please feel free to do so. Students may present their activity on the 100th day. Ideas may include a poster of 100 of their favorite things using magazine cutouts, writing 100 spelling words we've had, write your name in cursive 100 times, completing 100 math problems, etc. Make this a fun family event. :)
Helping Hands- Our classroom supplies are very slim…If you could donate a few packs of lined paper and pencils that would be great. Your children also need another writing journal. Most of them are almost full! We do lots of writing! J Thank you for all of your support!
Have a great weekend!