Classroom Supplies

Second Grade Class Supply List
McBrayer Elementary
Be sure to check with your child periodically to find out if any of these items have been lost or used up. Remember, a student without supplies is like a carpenter without tools. 
* 1 Small Pencil Box
*Crayons- at least 24 basic colors (may want to stock up on these while cheap)
*Colored pencils or washable markers
*1 pair of Fiskars scissors- an essential item   that occasionally needs to be replaced.
*Pencils- Several !! It’s nice to start with a package of pre-sharpened. These disappear into thin air and get eaten by the pencil sharpener. Ask your child daily if they had a pencil that day and they’ll soon be in the habit of telling you when they need something.
*2 Black composition-style bound notebooks- without wires
No Trapper Keepers please! If you purchase one they will       need to keep it at home.
*Notebook paper- 1 package- wide ruled 
*Clipboard- notebook paper size, standard, nothing fancy
*stick glue (often needs to be replenished)
*1 box of Tissues (We may need 1 more 2nd semester)
*1 roll of Paper Towels  (we will be sharing these with Ms. Clagett, art teacher)
*1 package of EXPO dry erase markers