Parent Guide to Good Sportsmanship

Help Promote Good Sportsmanship In Your Child By:

  • Allowing your child to participate in activities that are cooperative in natures vs. always competitive.
  • Teaching the rules of the game or activity and them making sure everyone follows them, including players, parents and fans.
  • Controlling your own emotions during the game or activity. Be a good role model-your child will imitate your actions.
  • Being respectful to everyone involved in the game or acitvity.
  • Using specific events that happened in the game or activity to teach about being a good sport.
  • Having consequences when he or she shows poor sportsmanship.
  • Talking about how good sportsmanship was shown after a game or activity.
  • Being a role model and demonstrating the points of good sportsmanship, such as shaking hands with the opponents at the end of the game or activity.