Parent Tips for Promoting Good Character


  • Be a good role model yourself. Your child will take cues from you on what is and is not acceptable behavior.
  • Instruct your child in constructive ways to resolve conflicts. Anger is natural, but it is not acceptable to verbally or physically abuse another person or to destroy property.
  • Encourage your child to solve their own problems. Promote self-reliance and avoid running your child's life.
  • Permit your child to experience the consequences of their own behavior. Words alone are not adequate. Your child must feel the results of both their positive and negative decisions.
  • Be consistent with what is acceptable behavior. It is necessary that your child experience well defined boundaries.
  • Reward positive behavior. Positive reinforcement is much more effective than punishment for negative behavior.
  • Assign responsibilities to your child and monitor their performance. Begin with the simple tasks for the small child and expand these as your child grows.
  • Communicate your values and beliefs to your child. It is important that your child knows and understands the principles upon which you stand.
  • Treat your child with respect and require that they respect others. Your child will not respect other people unless they feel good about themselves.
  • Gently but firmly supervise your child.  Know where they are, whom they are with and what they are doing at all times.