Coping with Grief


Signs of Grief in Children:

·         depression/anxiety

·         acting out; inappropriate anger                                                                      

·         poor concentration

·         poor school performance

·         eating/sleeping disorders

·         repression to earlier childhood developmental stage

Helping Children Deal with Death:

Ø  Don’t  attempt to hide your feelings.

Ø  Don’t fail to recognize behavior problems may be transformed emotions

Ø  Don’t tell half truths and half fairy tales

Ø  Don’t provide a theological lecture

Ø  Don’t imply a temporary situation “He has gone away” or “He is sleeping.”

Ø  Don’t blame God “It’s God’s will.”

Ø  Don’t leave explanations incomplete

       Helping Children Deal with Death:

o   Do share your feelings and encourage tears

o   Do respond to the child’s feelings

o   Do allow time for mourning

o   Do recognize the stages in the grief process and accept that children also go through these stages.

o   Do be honest at all times

o   When explaining, identify something familiar to the child

o   Do encourage the child to ask questions loss and death


Helpful Books


Am I Still a Sister by Alicia Sims

Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

Grandpa’s Slide Show by Deborah Gould

Nana upstairs and Nana Downstairs by Tomie dePaola

The Three Birds by Marinus van den Berg

The Saddest Time by Norma Simon

What’s Heaven by Maria Shriver

Why Did Grandma Die by Trudy Madler