What is CASE testing?

In order to meet each child’s academic strengths and needs administrators and teachers need methods for gathering accurate information about student learning and then use that data to inform instruction. Therefore, RCMS administers the CASE Benchmark Assessments three times a year in the areas of reading and math. The questions are comparable to state test questions and the reports provide data to target instruction. 
How are CASE Benchmark Assessments questions developed?
CASE curriculum directors, all former teachers, study state-released tests, Common Core Standards, and all other state curriculum standards, along with district checklists (if available) or CASE Pacing Guides to ensure that our questions reflect the state assessments.  Questions then are submitted for multiple content and grammar quality checks before they are placed on a benchmark assessment.
What value are the CASE Benchmark Assessments to teachers?

Teachers say that our assessments help them identify particular areas of need for students and supports that they are teaching what the state is testing. For administrators, our assessments ensure classroom alignment and pacing and provide them with grade and subject reports.

How many questions are on a CASE Benchmark Assessment?

The number of questions varies from 30 to as many as 70.  First, second, and third quarter benchmarks typically have from 30 to 45 questions.  Comprehensive final benchmarks typically have from 40 to 60 questions.  The specific numbers are available on this website (Length of Assessments). CASE Benchmark Assessments provides cumulative assessments that cover competencies that teachers cover for a specified time period.  We also have comprehensive assessments and practice state tests that measure the competencies that are covered in a year.


How similar are CASE Benchmark Assessments to state tests?
CASE questions are tightly aligned with state standards/indicators and the overall difficulty level of our assessments mirrors state tests.  Just like on the state tests, every objective is not measured by a CASE Benchmark Assessment, however we align our assessments to similar content percentages as state tests.
How much class time does it take to give a CASE Benchmark Assessment?

As teachers and principals, we know that scheduling is a big issue in schools so most of our benchmark assessments are designed to be administered during one class period.  The comprehensive assessments are longer and take more time so schedules will likely have to shift for those administrations.