Getting Off to a Good Start


It is important that you help your child get off to a good start this school year. Here are some ways that might help you get started:

      Get to know your child's teacher as soon as possible. You know your child best. Share your   
     knowledge with the teacher.

     Be active in your child's school.

     Dont' hesitate to speak with the teacher about sensitive issues. Remember what goes on at
     home can affect the student's performance in the classroom.

     Please make certain that your child gets enough rest. Tired children can't do their best.
     Consistency is the key: Set a bedtime hour, and stick to it.

     Be familiar with what the school expects of your child. 

     Set up your child's time schedule to be a balance of work, play and study.

     Be a good listener.

     Be available to discuss problems your child is having, whether they are large or small.