Daily Schedule

This may help keep some structure while we are off.  Do what works best for you and contact me if you need help with any of the NTI work packet. 

Class Schedule

7:55-8:30        Morning Procedures, Breakfast and Morning Work

8:30-9:00        RTI Reading Groups

9:00-10:35        Language Arts (Phonics, Guided Reading, Small Group Reading)

10:35-11:15       Specials

11:15-11:25       Read Aloud or Silent Reading time

11:25-11:55       LUNCH

12:00-12:20     Directed Physical Activity

12:20-12:50     Science/Social Studies

12:50-2:15       Math

2:15-2:45        Writing

2:45-3:00        Afternoon Procedures/Snack