August 24-28

Phonics:   We will teach and practice center routines using the short vowel and closed syllable routines that we worked on last week.  Taking the time to teach and practice these procedures will allow our classroom to run smoothly when we begin small groups.  It is important for the students to be able to work independently and with buddies effectively. I will not be introducing a new phonics skills to allow us to do this. We will move on to long vowels with the silent-e syllable next week.  We will not have a new list of phonics or spelling words this week!

 Reading:  Target:   I can scribe how characters respond to events and challenges. 

We will read stories and discuss character traits from what we learn about the characters. We will discuss the events and challenges that the characters face in the stories. You can follow up at home by having conversations about the stories that your child reads at home.  I hope to motivate our students to love to read!  I want them to be able to choose books to read at home rather that me assigning them a reading assignment.  It is my hope that every child will want to read up to 15 minutes a night.  If your child has trouble with that start our with just three-five minutes and increase it slowly.  We have discussed three ways to read a book at school.  They are:  Read the story, "Read" the pictures." and "Retell the story to someone.  We also have worked on choosing "just right" books!  If you or your chld need assistance with this I will gladly help or provide books.  

Math:  We are on Topic I, Understanding Addition and Subtraction.  I hope your child enjoyed the game that they brought home to practice. 

Writing:  We will be doing baseline assessments in writing this week.  We are also learning routines for Writer's Workshop.  We will be discussing places to get ideas for stories.

Habit of the Week: Be Proactive!

Social Studies: We are practicing procedures for being safe and showing respect, so our classroom community is a great place to learn.  We will write a class mission statement together this week.


Navigator Handbook:  Please check this and sign it daily! Also be sure to write down any transportation changes here.

If you have not turned in $10.00 for the Navigator Handbook and Time for Kids magazines please do so as soon as possible.

School pictures will be taken on August 31st.