Open Response Checklist

_______Did you write and circle the question number in the top tight hand corner?
_______ Did you re-write or summarize the question?
_______ Did you list any and all key terms and topics that are related to the question in the
                right margin?
_______ Did you pre-plan or outline the question in the bottom margin?
_______  Did you plan and decide of the total # of paragraphs (including the hook and conclusion) to effectively answer the question (3.5 format)
_______ Do you have a hook? (Remember to refer to the cheat sheet inyour
                 folder.) Ask yourself does your hook grab the reader's attention?
______  Have you filled each line of the page?!!!! (this is required)
______ Does each line of text fill the entire line from the left margin to the right?
______ Have you answered what has been asked of you? (Nothing more, nothing less)
______ Have you used supporting details for each of your main points? If you have
               planned properly this should clear at the bottom of your page.
______ Have you included your key terms and topics in your answer?
______ Does your answer pass the 7 second look test?
-          Can every word stand alone? (Is letter size consistent?)
-          Neat, clean, legible.
-          Have you indented each paragraph the same?
______ Does your close qualify as a close? Double check the "ways to close" cheat sheet
______ **** Have you re-read your answer to yourself? Have you read your answer as
someone who knows nothing about the question? Finally, have you educated the         reader about the subject? ******